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February 2023

Multi Family Market Year in Review 2022

Resilient Multi Family Market Holds “Strong-ish” Despite Increased Borrowing Costs – By Kyle Church, Broker

The past twelve months have been a slower yet interesting time for the real estate market. From a single family housing perspective, we have seen home prices decline by 20% or so, depending on the local market. Apartments, however, have held their value for the most part, while deal volume has dropped off considerably.



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November 2022

Multi Family Market Update November 2022

As you can imagine – we have experienced a significant decline in transaction volume in the third quarter of 2022 – a direct result of the rising cost of interest rates in an effort to combat inflation. While we hear in the news about single family housing dropping in value in recent months, the multi family market remains in an exploratory phase, as Buyers and Sellers sort out current pricing in this higher interest rate environment.

Market Report Kitchener -Waterloo

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July 2021

Multi family Market Update Year to Date

I am having conversations daily with owners and hopeful Buyers of apartment buildings trying to make sense of a real estate market that is difficult to make sense of at time… 


Multifamily Market Report 2021


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April 2021

Multi Residential Market Update April 2021

My goal is to be your source for insights and intelligence into the ever changing market, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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November 2019

Who Cares About Cap Rates?

Everyone loves to chat about cap rates… where are they currently? What direction are they headed?

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September 2019

Multi Family Market Summer 2019

Sellers continue to take advantage of high demand and record prices, while buyers struggle to find yield in competitive bid situations.

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