Focusing specifically on the apartment marketplace in Southwestern Ontario, Kyle Church provides a varierty of services to a range of investors and property owners alike. Below are a few of the services that he is currently providing to clients in the marketplace.

  • Buyer Representation

    Finding an investment property can be a very difficult task. Depending on market conditions, there can be many or very few opportunities in the marketplace that meet an Buyers investment criteria. Buyer representation services focus on finding properties that can meet an investors goals and objectives. By identifying the type of property and location that a Buyer is looking for, Kyle works on a Buyer’s behalf to find both on and off market opportunities. If you are considering buying apartment investment properties in Southwestern Ontario, contact Kyle Church to discuss how a long lasting partnership can be formed to help you find the most ideal investment properties for your portfolio.

  • Seller Representation

    Selling an investment property can be a stressful and emotional experience. It is important to have representation working on your behalf to ensure you obtain the highest value possible for your property. It all starts with providing the property owner with up to date and reliable market knowledge in order to educate the owners as to the market value of the property. The next step is to implement an extensive marketing plan that exposes the Sellers property to as many potential investors as possible, while also focusing specifically on marketing the property aggressively to active investors in the marketplace for that specific type of investment property. Kyle then works with the Sellers to negotiate transactions, while also aiming to qualify potential Buyers to determine if they have the ability to close on the transaction. If you are considering selling your apartment investment property, please contact Kyle Church to discuss your property and its current market value.

  • Consulting Services

    Kyle also provides clients and investors consulting services in order to serve the needs of many apartment building owners in Southwestern Ontario. These services include: Site visits to recommended improvements to a property in order to increase both property value and income generation. Financial analysis to review financial performance of a property in order to increase property value and income generation. Portfolio Analysis – a review of an investors portfolio to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Opinion of Values Kyle enjoys working directly with apartment building owners to help them achieve their goals by providing useful and easy to implement recommendations. Please contact Kyle Church if you are interested in discussing consulting services.